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Kate Jean Wilkins '20

Nurse, Cape Cod Hospital

Kate Jean Wilkins knew since she was in high school that she was fascinated with learning about the human body, and how she could help people overcome medical obstacles. Originally from Woburn, Kate moved to Cape Cod and started working at Cape Cod Hospital in 2012 as a CNA. With a young child at home, and a full-time job, she had her eyes set on advancing her career.

So, patiently and with amazing tenacity, that’s exactly what she did.

Kate Wilkins Nursing graduate

Kate went back to school at 4Cs, starting with basic Math and English courses, with a goal to complete the Nursing program. Taking two courses at a time, while balancing her full-time, third shift CNA position at the Hospital and now two young children, she moved through the program. While it wasn’t easy, she had a crew of people that had her back both at home and at school.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the cheerleaders!” Kate says.

Backed by friends, family, and faculty, Kate crossed the finish line in 2020, earning her Associates in Nursing. She’s stayed at Cape Cod Hospital, shifting from a CNA to a Nurse following her graduation.

As to what helped keep her drive moving forward, and her favorite part of being in the 4Cs Nursing program, Kate points to those who surrounded her.

“I’ve found some forever friends going through this program, and I am so grateful for it. My advisor and clinical professor, Audrey Kilcoyne, had a huge impact on me and I love her for that. We’re still in contact with each other today.”

To those looking to join the renowned Nursing program, Kate has this advice:

“If you’re interested in Nursing, know that it’s tough, but if you want it and you can do it, it will be worth it.”