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Jason Coates '21

Dental Hygiene Graduate

Jason Coates ’21 has never been satisfied. Because of that, the sky is the limit.

Born in Jamaica, Jason moved to Falmouth when he was in the 4th grade, eventually graduating from Mashpee High in 2013. Fueled by a passion for helping others, and a strong proficiency in science, he decided to dive into classes at Cape Cod Community College after taking a few years off to work and help his family.

Jason Coates

Jason started at 4Cs in 2015, balancing his full-time job with coursework to prepare him to enter the College’s prestigious Dental Hygiene program. While the path often had challenges – including a global pandemic thrown in the mix – he kept his sights set on his bright future. In 2021, Jason graduated from the Dental Hygiene program and was awarded the “Aspen Dental Access to Care Award.”

As for why he ultimately chose the path of providing oral care, Jason notes that “You have to know in your heart that you love making people’s lives and health better. I’m very prideful when it comes to providing oral care. This is how I can help people.”

With his degree in-hand, Jason will be taking on a career in dental hygiene locally while also looking at options to pursue his Bachelor’s degree.

To future students who will walk in his footsteps, he offers some words of advice:

“Follow your heart! Keep moving forward, have strong faith, and don’t get into a comfort zone by staying in one place.”

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