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Aviation Maintenance Technology Program

Meet Amira, who discovered her true passion at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) through the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program. By sharing her personal journey, she aims to shed light on the distinctive experiences and challenges she faced as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field.

When questioned about her decision to enroll in the program, Amira explained, "A friend of mine, who had previously attended 4Cs, recommended it to me." The opportunity to delve into the intricate inner workings of aircraft fascinated her, solidifying her ambition to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT).

photo of AMT student Amira

Regarding her favorite aspect of the program, Amira emphasized, "I genuinely appreciate the camaraderie among the people here, and I particularly enjoy the hands-on nature of our coursework." She found herself surrounded by caring professors who were genuinely invested in their students' achievements. Among them, Mr. Gibbons stood out with his infectious positivity and unwavering commitment to their success.

Amira struggled to articulate the significance of being an AMT in her life, but she conveyed that it represented a sense of safety. With classes taking place in a fully functional hangar, she relished the opportunity to learn about diverse tools and gain firsthand exposure to the field. Enthusiastically reflecting on her current favorite experience, Amira shared, "We're presently working on fabric coverings and exploring fabric aircraft, which has truly captivated my interest."

As a woman in the AMT program, Amira initially experienced some intimidation. However, she swiftly discovered that her peers in the program were supportive, ensuring that she never felt excluded. When prompted about the importance of increased female representation in the field, Amira playfully remarked, "We're here to demonstrate that we're capable of matching and surpassing our male counterparts in every way."

Regarding her future plans, Amira unveiled her post-graduation aspirations. "Upon completing my studies, I intend to work domestically for approximately two years before venturing to Qatar to join a major airline there." Her dreams transcended geographical boundaries, fueled by her unwavering passion for aviation.

Amira firmly believes that Cape Cod Community College offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring students. Reflecting on her personal experiences, she confidently stated, "No other educational institutions have faculty members who demonstrate the same level of care and investment in their students' future success as those at 4Cs. I can attest to this based on my own firsthand encounters."

In terms of the support she received, Amira credited 4Cs for surpassing her expectations. During a challenging period when she contemplated giving up on her studies, the college went above and beyond by providing her with therapy resources outside of campus. Regularly reaching out to her, Sue from the wellness center offered unwavering support and encouragement.

To new students embarking on their educational journey, Amira offered invaluable advice: "Don't hesitate to seek assistance. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of resources available to us within the college." Amira's own transformative experience exemplifies the wealth of opportunities and support awaiting individuals at Cape Cod Community College.